Sunday, November 13, 2022

Regionals 2022

It's Sunday night and we are ready for the kids to be back in school!  We had a pretty busy weekend but we will see how that changes now that it's all the sudden getting really cold.  Last Saturday was a pretty emotional day.  You may recall, Ariel and the Indians won second place at last years Pop Warner Eastern Regionals and won a bid to Orlando for Nationals.  That was a total shock as no team from this area had qualified for Nationals in decades.  So this year we went in even more confident of making it to Nationals.  We even started fundraising at the start of the season.  This all lead us back to Trenton.

Alyson did Ariel's hair for me.  The style was above my skill level.  
Looking so professional.  
There are the girls.  
They were all excited but nervous.  

Time to head in.

Good luck baby!

We found our seats.  This is usually done in one day and the place is packed.  This time, they spread it out over 4 days so it was pretty quiet.  
Our section.

Yes, my parents were there.
I'm not sure I'm allowed to post the video yet.  I will find out.  In the meantime here are the pics from the video.

There are some of the professional pics.  Ariel is up on the right.

Love this.

The pyramid!  Ariel is up on the left.

They finished with a dance.  
The patient coaches.
We all mst up in the concourse to hang and eat before judging.  Ariel was upset.  Thought she made some mistakes that could lose it for them.  I showed her the video as it looked great to me.  

Waiting for the judging.  
Coach Lynde on the floor.  
Well, we came in third and did not qualify for Nationals.  The first and second place teams did not compete last year and were really good, which probably means if they had competed last year, we would not have gone to Florida, so we were lucky.  On the bright side, they were the only team to hit zero.  That means no mistakes.  So that made Ariel feel better.  They lost because the other 2 teams did more challenging stunts that got them higher points even though they messed up some of them.  
The girls were pretty upset.  
There was a lot of tears.  
All that work and it was over.  


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