Sunday, January 8, 2023

Basic Training

It's Sunday night and the Eagles are the first seed in the NFC!  They won against the Giants to go 14-3 for the season.  Pretty incredible. We went roller skating today and had fun.  Who could have predicted that?  Back to a week ago Friday.  

We got our Israel post early because they didn't want to use their devices during the Sabbath.  The kids did some army training that day!

They really pushed the kids.  

They did a lot of running.  
They carried heavy stretchers.  

What do you think about that Aden?
Such a cool moment.  

It was good they got to rest the next 24 hours.  
That afternoon, Amy and I took the other 3 to the city to see Disney on Ice.  
Noah loved this view of the city.  
The show was Frozen and Encanto.

I'm not going to post any video clips.  
I think you get it.  The skating was great.  
The kids were mesmerized.  

I think it was like $25 for this snow cone!


That was fun.  
We went to Max Brenners for dinner.  

My old colleague Francois met us.  
It was fun walking around the city with the kids.  


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