Monday, January 16, 2023


It's Monday night.  Our new night to take out the trash.  I got so anxious watching Ariel's cheer practice.  It's all too much to take.  

Back to last Sunday, I dropped the kids off at Hebrew then had breakfast with Howard at Turning Point.  It was nice to see him but the food was disappointing, especially for those calories.  Then I stopped by to see Honey.  I got hugs and kisses.  

We did something different that afternoon.  We went roller skating at Palace.  Ariel and the twins have basically never been on skates.  Noah and Ariel were willing to try.  
Ariel was a bit scared. 
Noah worked hard at it.  
Ariel's friend Dori was pretty good.  

A quick stop for video games.  Eli stayed in this area and the playground.  
It's really fun there.  They play games and do different events.  Here was limbo.  
That's Dori going under.  

Eva was there with a bunch of friends too.  
Eli was in there somewhere.
I skated.  Amy and Melissa didn't.  
Go Dori!
Ariel was determined to try.  

Laser skating!
I took over with Noah.  

We stayed till the end!
Aden liked the shawarma in Israel so I gave it a try.  
We watched the Eagles play the Giants in the last game of the season.  We needed to win to clinch first place in the NFC.  

It's ready!
It came out yummy.  
We won!


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