Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Floating in the Dead Sea

It's Wednesday night.  Aden came home around 6 this morning!  He slept on the flight and felt pretty good so we sent him to school!  He got home from school, pigged out, then fell asleep.  So we haven't had a chance to talk to him yet!

Last Wednesday, we woke up at the shore.  I walked over to Hot Bagels.  
I love it down there!
I took the kids to Atlantic City for some fun.  Eli was very excited about the new water park they are building.  
We then went to the Showbat to check out the giant arcade.  
Such a nice place.  

We had lots of points to shop with.  
Then we went to Tony's Baltimore Grill for lunch.  I hadn't been there in ages.  

Yummy spaghetti and meat sauce.  

Then shopping at Kidrageous.  
Then back to work on the house.  I almost went in the tub but it was so cold out.  
Lucy the Elephant had been going renovations for over a year and she had been covered the whole time.  The work was done, so they had a party to unveil her.  
It was packed!
We couldn't really hear the speakers.  

There she is!  Looking good!
Ok, time for the long drive home.
Back to Israel.  This was a big day.  Masada and the Dead Sea.
Early in the morning, they hiked up Masada.  
It really is quite a climb.
The got some history lessons on top.

Cool shot.  
Then to the lowest point on Earth.  

What an experience he had.  Floating on the Dead Sea.

Then they drove to Jerusalem.


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