Wednesday, January 25, 2023

The Science Fair

Last Monday, the kids were off for Martin Luther King Day.  Noah spent a chunk of the day at art class.  
I went to the gym.  There were people on the track watching basketball.  Luckily they left so I could run!
At cheer that week, they were blinging.  
Ariel got a few sweatshirts blinged.  
Then she had practice.  

A team waiting to see if they were invited to a competition.  
Last Tuesday, we got the Gifted newsletter for the week before.  It featured pictures of Noah!
I went suit shopping again.  
That night we had the science fair at the school.  
The twins and Rose were ready to present.  

Ariel and her friends were ready to go too.  
The kids loved showing how the glitter scattered from the soap.  
It was packed there.  
The kids kept running off so Amy and I had to run the booth. 

Eli likes to be the emcee and took over.  
Here are some of the other projects.  

Amy and her buddy Dana.


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