Sunday, January 22, 2023

You Deserve a Break Today

It's Sunday night.  Just finished an exciting day of playoff football.  Last night, Aden and I went to see the Eagles knock off the Giants and we had a wedding.  So it was a fun weekend!  

Last Saturday, I didn't take many pics.  I got up early and made Ariel and her friends pancakes.  
Then we did some splits and stunting.  
Later, Ariel had her team practice.  

The gym was quiet.  Some of the other teams had competitions.  
I had Noah with me and we took Faith from Cheer.  The four of us went to McDonalds.  Yes, McDonalds.  Those who know me might be shocked.  We saw several people we knew there.  

That night, we went to dinner with Jaime and Abby and Lori and Steve.  Nikos was great as always.  


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