Friday, September 15, 2023

Back to School Nights

Go Birds!

Last Wednesday was Aden's first day of school.  He did not pose for me.
We drove him all last year but this year he is taking the bus!
Ariel's teacher took these next 2 pics.  

Working on the kitchen.  
There was a huge dog at the gym.  
Dinner has been really hard.  
Back to school night at the elementary school!
Eli is funny.  I guessed most of his answers.  
The 6th grade team.  
Last Thursday, Ariel's teacher sent this..
Coming along.  
Back to school night at the high school.  

The halls were crowded with our friends.  
Amy and I felt like we were back in school.  
Some of the teachers were really funny.  
A little wrestling before bed.  
Last Friday morning, the twins rode their scooters to school.
Ariel brought the teacher Reeses Cups.  He made pretzel sandwiches for her.
Neighbors flowers.  
Movie night at the elementary school.
Lots of fun foods.  

Great face Ariel!
They played the Mario Bros Movie.  
Ariel ran around with her friends outside.  
There are the twins.  
Have a great weekend!


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