Monday, September 18, 2023

First Day of Hebrew

It's Monday night.  Aden has lots of football to watch.  Looking ahead at the weather it's getting cold all of the sudden.  It was a hot summer but I didn't complain.  I really don't like the cold.  

Here's a short post form last Sunday.  It was the first day of Hebrew School.  Ariel only goes on Wednesdays now so we just had the twins.  Aden also goes on Wednesdays.  
It was a big crowd for the intro to the year.  Then they call each kid to head to their class.
Then the parents hung out for a while.  
Then back together with the kids.  

A quick visit to see Honey.  

It was raining out so we just played games.  

These popped up on Facebook.  This was the pizza place we used to go to in Margate after we left the bars at 4 am!
This is the mini golf course that was the next block down from us years ago.  


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