Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Climbing Through the Trees

Three of the kids started school today!  It went well!  Aden starts tomorrow.  Sad summer is over but school is good.  

Last Monday, we went to the Cape May Zoo.  
We walked right past the huge playground.  
And went to the ropes course.  
The kids got their harnesses on.  
Then waited.  
Ready to climb through the trees Ariel?  
First they had to practice using the carabiners. 

Then they had to do a small practice course.  

Then it was time for the big course.  
I stayed below them and told them what to do.  It was hot and it was hard work running back and forth to all 4 of them.  
They all did really well. 

It was a challenging course.  

It took a long time to get through it.  

They made it!
We went into the zoo but it quickly started to rain.  

It started raining harder so we just ran for the car.  
See you Mr. Bear.
It was a quiet night.  


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