Sunday, September 10, 2023

Two Sets of Twins

Last Saturday, I was the one getting up early to take Honey for a walk.  
She tried hard to wake up Amy.  
Ariel handled the later walk.  
Eli went next door to hang.  
Our friends Dana, Howard and the kids came to hang.  
We went to the beach.  
They have twin boys Ariel's age but they mostly played with our twins which was great.  

They dug big holes.  

Then the pool.  
They have a daughter Aden's age.  He hung out with us more than usual.  I wonder why.  
Back and the older twins went in the tub.  

They played with Honey.  
A lot of scooter fun.  We had Dino's subs for dinner.  
Then we went to Ocean City.  Saturday night of a holiday weekend.  It was packed!
Right to the rides.  

Aden went on this crazy thing.  
A nice group shot!
Eli went on rides with one twin.  
Aden the other.  

Look at 630 . It's Noah.  
There was a big, red moon. 


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