Thursday, August 14, 2014


It's Thursday night.  Time for random pictures of the week. Tonight I went to a bar with a bunch of guys from synagogue. That was fun.  Nice group.  Aden starts Hebrew school in a few weeks and the big Jewish holidays are coming up so it will be nice to get to know as many people as possible there.

Ariel on the slide.

Waiting for Aden's driver.
Look who came for a play date.  Jake!  Aden has really missed him this summer.  

 Lilly was there for a bit too.

 The boys ran all around playing.
 He's been Jake for the last couple of years but he will always be Jakey to me!
 Then we got some pizza.
Then Monster Mini Golf!
 It was pretty crowded.  
 The kids went really fast through the whole thing.  They were very happy the giant Frankenstein in the corner did not come to life the whole time.
 Of course they were most excited about the games.

 Aden started crying when we dropped Jake off.  We are all sad they won't be in school together after 5 years but they will still be in sports together.  
 Ariel trying out her saucer one last time before it became Eva's.

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