Monday, August 4, 2014

The Crayola Experience

As I said yesterday, we didn't make it to the Shore so we had to find other things to do. Saturday morning, we got up early and took a nice long drive along the Delaware River to Easton, PA to check out the Crayola Experience.  I used to go that way all the time to go to Camelback to ski but it's been a while.  I forgot how pretty upper Bucks County is.  Amy was excited when we passed by Camp Nock A Mixon.  It was my first time there.  
 It was crowded by the time we got there.  The first thing the kids did was to draw pictures on iPads.

 Notice Aden's tiger.
 Now the tiger is one the wall and moving around!
 There was one area for the little ones.

 They had cameras that took pictures of us and put us into a coloring page.  That was cool.  Aden got busy coloring himself in!

 Look who it is, Chad, Lindsay and Jaxson!
 Jaxson and Ariel hugged.
 The kids played in that area a while.

 Then we saw the demonstration of how crayons are made.  They actually made some while we were there.  They have been made the same way for over 100 years.

 Splatter paint.

 Check out this cool thing.
 We waited a half hour for this.  All the cool things had long lines.
 You put the crayon in the middle and shut the door.
 You wait 4 minutes as the crayon melts and drips into a mold.
 Then you open the drawer and take it out.
 Ok, not that interesting.
 The words biggest crayon!  Stay tuned for part 2.

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