Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Relaxing Sunday

Sunday morning we were by ourselves and had no plans!  I got everyone going and we went for a walk on the Ventnor boardwalk.
 Aden wasn't thrilled about walking so we didn't go far.
 We ended up at the playground.
 The kids played.  Amy and I rested.

 Ariel found a good spot for hide and seek.

 We then went to Hannah G's for brunch.  We waited a bit too long for Ariel and she had a huge meltdown.  The food wasn't so great either.
Beach time.  Aden had no friends out there again.  That was a bummer.  That meant that my dad and I had to work hard to keep him entertained!
 The beach has been huge lately.  Low tide is so far out.
 My dad brings lots of games.

 It always ends with a search for crabs.

 Here are a couple Aden caught!

 Ariel just likes to cover the rocks with wet sand.
 Ariel has been doing really well with naps on the beach.
 Knocked out.
 Relaxing day.
 Up for ice cream!  We ate barbecue with my parents then headed home to get Burghy back to his parents.  

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