Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pick Your Pack

Back to Saturday afternoon at the Crayola Experience.  The kids disappeared into the giant maze.
 The parents were just so excited.
 There's Aden above us.
 Of course Ariel got stuck so I had to go in.

 Not sure what this was.
 The kids had fun drawing all day.

 Here you custom design wrappers that you then put on crayons.
 Clay time.  Not really sure what this has to do with crayons.

 The place was great for Aden but a little old for Ariel.  We will come back on a less crowded day.
 A quick stop at the store.
 I think this would be more fun if it was M&M's.
 Enjoying some ice cream at Tanner's.
 Thanks cows!  You make great stuff!

 Hey buddy, where are you going with my little girl?
 You better bring her back before sunset!
 I think she was enjoying this a little too much.
 The Cadillac was way cooler.
 The boys are their toys.

 Sammy took this picture of me while I was taking the pictures of them.

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