Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Super Dad

Well I must say I'm a pretty great husband.  Yesterday was Amy's birthday and you know we had the nice lunch in the City.  Today was our anniversary, 8 years!, still no wedding album!, but she wanted to go out with a friend for dinner so I stayed back and took care of all 4 kids.  You might be saying, so what, you should do that, but I try not to ever leave her at bedtime.  The twins always seem to want to eat while we are putting the older ones to bed so it's hard!  I did have a sitter with me but she was new and had no experience with babies but I successfully got all 4 to sleep before Amy got back!

I thought this was funny.
These are out of order.  Just some random candid shots from Amy's birthday celebration last night.

 So glad Elaine, Ed, Adam and Brianna could join us.

 Happy grandmom.
 Adam is a man already!
Back to last weekend.  
Saturday, we didn't go to the shore.  The kids went to swim at Jason's house.
 It was not heated.  Kids will swim in anything though.
 I stayed far away.
 My bathing beauty.

 Eva and her parents came to hang out.

 My boy can play harmonica!

 They like to lounge in our bed.
I just missed the picture of Noah looking over Aden's shoulder at the phone.
Dinner with friends at La Stalla.

 Some Rita's across the street.  They both got cotton candy water ice.  Yuck.

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