Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Thing 1 and Thing 2

This post is just a bunch of goofy pictures.
 Ariel's class on the crazy cars at pickup time.
 She was excited to wear the Minions.

 Tara got to hold the babies.
 Hey there.
 We watched the last American Idol of the season.  They actually had some good music.  Aden and Ariel joined in.

 Hey there again.
 Ariel's class had beach day.

 Watch out for the sharks!

  Thing 1 and Thing 2
What did you call me?

 I love this one.  Whenever some sends a text saying something surprising, I respond with this.
 What are you staring at?
 These are funny.  Eli makes the best faces.

 I have been sending this to people to if I don't like what they say!

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