Monday, May 11, 2015

What Makes Aden Happy

It's Monday night and the house is finally quiet.  Aden and Ariel are playing kind of crazily these days.  They chase each other around, fight with swords, throw things at each other.  They each cry from time to time but then jump right back in.  They just make so much noise and cause so much destruction.  Should we be happy the seem to like each other even though it drives us insane?  Back to last week.

Morning boys!  Did I mention they seem to like being very close to each other.
Aden previewing his scary spider costume for his school play.
Baseball in the rain.

 Get the ball Aden!
The boys are so serious.
Why are we out here?

A quick trip to Rita's after the game.
Eva came for dinner!
Eva watches all the videos that Aden and Ariel used to watch.  The Sesame Street videos never seem to change.
We saw this in our backyard.
Hey!  Come get us!

Amy saw this at school.

My Apple Watch finally came!

The boys chillin' on the jungle mat.

This is how Ariel says goodbye to her boyfriend Dylan.

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