Thursday, July 23, 2015

5 Months

I know Noah and Eli turned 5 months a week and half ago but here are some outtakes from the photo shoot.  

At six months I will make a retrospective of all six so we can all see how they have grown!
Back to last weekend.  Sunday morning the boys cuddled.
Love this!
We went to the beach with Lindsay, Chad and Jaxson.  They came down for the week.
Have I complained about this?  Since I was little it was the same ice cream guys selling the same ice cream every summer and that's the way we liked it.  We knew the guys well and had our favorite ice cream.  Last year things changed.  The concession is bid out now and everyone is different and the ice cream choices are not that great.  I miss the old days.
 Aden doesn't care.
Hey Jaxson.
 Eva is very photogenic.
 Aden and Jacob looking for crabs.

 Jason and Rachel walked from the middle of Ventnor to see us.  That's like 3 miles!
 The kids were excited to see them.
Ariel and Jaxson too cool for the beach.

 Chad was a big help with the babies.


 They need to get out in the sun a little.
 Back at my parents Ariel crashed and Aden built.
 Look at this cool airplane.
 Back to pack and leave.  Everyone have a great weekend!

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