Thursday, July 30, 2015

Food and Wine

It's Thursday night.  We finally got the house organized enough for the cleaning lady to come in the morning.  We need her to come everyday so we are forced to keep everything in it's place.  Color War started today at Aden's camp.  I refuse to say Color Games.  Hopefully he's on the winning team!

Last Saturday night, Amy and I went to the Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival at the Claridge.  We had no idea what to expect.  It was a pretty wild scene.  There were several floors of chefs making bite sized meals and liquor vendors giving out shots of different liquors.  
Many of the chefs were contestants from Hell's Kitchen so this felt like one of their challenges.  The food was good but so random.  We would eat a taco, a cupcake, some salsa, wine, crabcake, rice krispie treat, soup, you get the idea.  I think there was some bourbon in there too.
This guy is a White House chef!  He was also a character.

It was a fun night!
Sunday morning at 6:00, I got all four kids up, fed and dressed by myself.  I'm Super Dad!  We had the annual walk in honor of my uncle on the boardwalk in Atlantic City.
 Genny was so excited to feed the boys.

 Remy's mom.

 There were 5k and 1 mile runs before our 1 mile walk.

 Ariel was mostly in the stroller but Aden walked the whole way.  So proud of him.
 I guess it took 18 minutes.
 Rest before the big 50 yard dash.

Aden was so serious but Ariel was all smiles.
We had a fun morning.

 Back home by 10:30 and Amy was still asleep!  
 Aden and I went for a ride with Amy's dad on the WaveRunner.

 Steve was out with friends.
 So were Marc and Chad.

We zoomed all around the bay.
 Then it was to my parent's to swim.

 Hey Vicki!

 We stayed over Sunday night so after dinner we hit the Dairy Bar.
 There was a magician!  Have a great weekend everyone!

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