Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Where Is Ariel?

We went swimming at the NAC tonight.  It was fun for a while then all of the sudden we were in the middle of a huge thunderstorm!  You should have seen me trying to get everyone back to the car!  Tomorrow is Aden's visiting day at camp and also his 7 year checkup.  Ariel's visiting day is Thursday.  The babies are still sleeping well.  Eli does better.  He sleeps solidly in his crib from 9 to 7.  Noah still gets up at least once during the night but we don't feed him just shift him around or put him in the Rock n Play in our room and he usually goes back to bed.  We are not complaining at all.  They also seem to be reversing rolls.  All along Eli was the easy going twin and Noah needed a little more tlc but now it seems more the other way!

So I think I mentioned we became friends with the neighbors across the street.  Friday when Ariel got home from camp, Ariella was outside.  Ariel ran over there and they played for hours!  Her mom sent these pics.  Amy was like we sent out little girl to people we barely know, but it went well.  

 I brought back barbecue from the Amish people at the Reading Market in Philly for dinner.  Ariel is a rib machine!
 We haven't seen much of Ben and Winston this summer as they spend the weeks in the City and come back after we have left for the shore.  But last Friday, we decided to stick around and leave Saturday morning so we got to see them!
 Ariel likes the kickboard addition to the stroller.
It was nice to see everyone.
 Good morning!  It's time to head to the shore!

 We made it!  There was some traffic but we got around it.  I prefer going Friday night because you wake up and you are there.  But if you go Saturday, then you only have to pack for one night.
 It was too late for the beach so we headed to my parents to swim.
The boys still haven't been in the pool, right Eli?

 Right Noah?
 It was a warm day and the pool felt great.

 Riding grandpop's back.
 Flying Aden!
 Ariel practicing her floating.

Let's go to Ocean City...

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