Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Bear Hunt 2015

It's Tuesday night.  Let's hope everyone sleeps through the night. I'm talking to you Noah.  It's going to be a hot week.  Double swims for everyone!

This is becoming a common scene.
The boys being silly.

Where are you going in your Escalade Ariel?
Dinner at Tony's while Aden was at his late night at camp.

We picked up Aden at 7.  He was glad to see mommy!  He had fun though.  Extra sports, swim, dinner and a camp fire!
The next day was visiting day at Breezy Point!
 Ariel was excited to see us.
 Always with Dylan.

 Having so much fun a Breezy Town.
Who is that?!!?  The Phillie Phanatic!
 Dylan's mom had to console poor terrified Ariel.
Snack time.
 Where is the bug juice?  I miss that stuff.

 The Phanatic is back.
 The boys weren't scared.

That's Ariel's counselor and our old friend Carla, Aden's friend Reid's mom.
She had her second son right after Ariel was born.  Amy and Carla used to go on long walks together to work off that baby weight!  It was her first time meeting the twins.
 Always helpful.
 On the way to the next activity, we found Aden's friend Jack.
 Jack and Reid with the Phanatic.
 Then is was time for music.
 The kids listened to some stories then sang.
 This is the bear hunt from last year.  It was by my request that they did it!

Time for swim.
On the way to the pool, we ran into the Phanantic.  Ariel actually told me she wanted to take a picture with him but she got scared when we got close.
Ariel is used to swimming with the floaties which they don't use there so she didn't want to go in.

Surprise attack on Carla!
She finally went in.  Only because she was held.
 Lunch time.
 I ate Ariel's hot dog.  She ate a peanut butter sandwich.  No jelly!

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