Monday, July 20, 2015

Gooey Hot Donuts

Wow it was hot today.  Both Aden and Ariel had double swims at school.   Now all we need are double swims at work!  After dinner we played outside with the neighbors and it felt like we were in the Caribbean.  Hot, sticky and buggy, but still way better than February!

Here is Noah at Ali's house.
 Noah at home.  Does it look like he has male pattern baldness?
 Hey Eli!
 Like those fingers now, huh?
 Ariel ran around the house collecting all her pocketbooks.
 Hanging in the garage!
 There was a little something extra in the laundry.
 We finally got a new double stroller for the twins!  A Baby Jogger City Mini GT.  We picked it because it's light and easy to fold so will be no problem for Amy to take it in and out of the car.  Hey Ariel, get out of the there!
 That's more like it.
 How do you like your new ride boys?
 Amy was checking out their feet.  Eli's are way longer and wider.
 Carli loves the boys.
 I guess it's nice and comfy.  We've been using it for walks around the neighborhood.  So much smoother a ride than the snap and go.
 Our precious little girl has discovered Shopkins, whatever they are.  All I know is all she wants are these tiny little toys.
 Aden and Jason had pajama day at camp.
 Chillin' out before bed.
 I was in the City and stopped by Beiler's for some hot donuts!

 I forgot to post these yesterday.  Some more pics from when everyone came over for Aden's birthday.


 Good night!

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