Sunday, July 19, 2015

Aden's Birthday Fun

It's Sunday night and I must go to bed.  We got back from the shore late.  We had to stop on the way because the boys got hungry.  That was the first time we had to do that.  It was just to get them going but Aden, who sits in between them, was able to hold two bottles while we drove on!  

These are from last Monday, which was Aden's 7th birthday!  Amy took the boys to music class.

At the end of the day, I met Amy at Aden's camp to surprise him.
 He was so excited to show off his brothers.
The boys were fascinated.
 Then under the tent for cupcakes that I made!

 I love that smile!
 They all sang to him.  Then later the whole camp sang to him at a  camp meeting.

 We should have just left the twins there!

 You will be here soon enough boys!
 Aden's counselor got the hat for him to wear.
 We had a big surprise waiting for Aden when we got home.  His buddy Jake!
 The kids played nicely.  Jake stayed till pretty late.
 They entertained the twins.
 Later that night, the families and a bunch of other people came over to celebrate.
 I think we had like 30 people, including Mark's parents!
 My grandmother did not want to leave!

 Still opening presents 5 days after his party!

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