Monday, May 1, 2017

Aden Pitches One Strike

It's Monday night and we are talking too loudly with the older kids and the babies keep waking up.  Wait, why are Aden and Ariel still up?  Why are we still up?  These are from last week.

Baseball time.  It was freezing again!  Thankfully the concession stand was open and I could get hot chocolate.  

 Impatiently waiting his turn.
He's been struggling at the bat.  Mostly my fault.  I haven't been practicing with him.
 On base!  First time all season.  (ok it was a walk)
The kids are limited to how many pitches they can throw.  Aden most definitely had never intended to pitch but they ran out of kids so he was thrown in there!  
 It was a bit rough.
 Here is a taste.

 He faced 9 batters and got one strike!  All the players got on base.  They called the inning after that.  

As you will see in the next clip that he was thrilled that he threw one strike.

Gymnastics.  Amy got a few shots.  This is while we were at the game.

 This was a fun project.  The kids took the broken crayons and put them in the molds.  They cooked them together to make new big crayons.  They were leaning about recycling.
 Dentist time for the twins.  They were very unhappy to be there.  Noah's teeth looked great but Eli's are starting to be effected by his pacifier.  
 Still has a cute smile though!  Music time!

 Brotherly love!

 On daddy's knees.

 Eli making friends.
 My cousin sent this to me.  She had a nice lunch with my grandmother and her mom.
 It's always a good night when the sitter is there to help!

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