Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Drive the Paint

It's a rainy, cold Tuesday night.  Aden had another baseball game. Every game this season has been damp and cold.  So depressing. At least they got their first win!  Aden was so excited.  The babies are yelling no and stop to Amy and laughing behind me.  I think it's time for them to go to bed!

Back to last week.  It was briefly warm and we got to play out back.
 Nothing much to add.  
 Although we are contemplating having the set restained.

 It's kind of a mess.

 Let's run to the neighbor's house.
 A new swing set to explore.
 My cool kids.
 Bath time.
 They try and pop the bubbles.
 Watching the painter.  So much fun.
 Class time.  Who wants to challenge me to some hoops?

 Uh oh, fighting over the hula hoop.
 Believe it or not, they are almost the same age!
 Nate pushing Noah.

 Aunt Ali on the seesaw with Noah.

 Reading time.
 This was cool.  They put the cars in the paint and drove them across the paper.

 It's great they can do this stuff not at our house!

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