Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Aden the Slugger

It's Tuesday night.  Not too much to report.  We really need to start organizing the house.  We should just pick one area and attack it. Who am I kidding. All my free time is either doing this or trying to catch up on tv.  Back to last week.

The roller coaster on the deck is a big hit.
 I took a quick trip to the shore.  I had lunch at Sam's Rialto that was on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.  They had Guy's face next to each thing on the menu that he tried while he was there.  
 Of course I had to stop by the Dairy Bar.
 Snack time.

 Baseball.  Aden was due for a break out game.
 He got two hits!

Great job Aden!

 I made him pose for some portraits.

 Ariel's field day.  

 Yes, even with the new deck we still make it to the basement.

 Let's go find the neighbors.

 The twins are ready for bikes!

 Hey Jake!

 Good night!

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