Thursday, May 11, 2017

Pineapple Fountain

It's Thursday night and I just survived another freeing cold baseball game.  They are promising 80's next week.  We shall see.  Back to Charleston, Day 2.  The hotel had a very nice restaurant in the old carriage house.  They had a very nice breakfast for the guests.  I think I took pictures another day.  
 We were going to take a carriage ride through the city but had some time to shop!  Doesn't she look beautiful! (yes, show bought it!)
 This is the market in the middle of town.
 I had to stop for some fresh, hot biscuits!

 We wandered over to the river.  

 Looking out into Charleston Bay.
 The Pineapple Fountain in Waterfront Park.
 Then it was time for the carriage ride.

 Here we go!
 It was a great way to see the city and get some history.  Many of the houses look like this.  With 2 huge balconies on the side.  Because it's so hot there, that's where most of the people spent their time.  The balconies would face the river to get the most breeze.  They would have a door on the lower one to give some privacy.
 These houses now go for millions!
 There are 173 churches in downtown Charleston.  This one was famous for it's gates.

 There have been several fires that devastated the city.  This house survived one because it was made of stone.  The homeowners stopped the fire from coming in the windows by putting wet towels out the windows.  You can see the burn marks on the house and where the towels where almost 200 years later!
 Some awesome barbecue for lunch.
 There were several hotels with rooftop bars.  We picked one randomly and headed upstairs.  We were shocked when the door opened and we saw the pool, the crowds, the music.  It was crazy!
 There was no idea this was happening from the street.

 Nice view.
 We wandered back so Amy could rest.
 I sat outside surrounded by the confederate jasmine, which smelled awesome!
 We walked everywhere.  We headed out to dinner and saw some more nice houses.

 Aden was eating with my parents and they sent this cute picture.
 We arrived at Poogan's Porch.  
 It was the day of the Kentucky Derby so I had to have a mint julep. 

 Shrimp and grits!
 After dinner we wandered around.  The market was still open.

Kaminsky's had a huge wait!
 Heading to another roof deck.
 This one was a bit quieter.  Have a great weekend!

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