Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Island Party

This was Wednesday, December 5th.  Just one day for this post.  We got on the boat and headed to the island.  
The boys were ready to go.  We usually don't dress them alike but for some reason we did on this trip.  
These are the baby flamingos.  They haven't changed color yet.  
 The water was so calm and warm, it was hard to stay out of it.
 My father in law tried paddle boarding.
 That's Noah and Ariel out on the platform.  
 Aden with the football again.
 These are some shots Bev took.  

 Need those flamingo and iguana shots!

 Yes, I checked.  Were they really having snow showers at home?

 Aden and I went into town to do a little food shopping.  We were running low on snacks.  
 That night we went to a party on the island.  
 It was so pretty!
 There's a decent shot of us ready to party!

 The food was awesome.

 Bev lounging with the kids.
 More food!
 The kids ran with other kids on the beach.
 My girl.

 We danced all night.  The band was great.  

 Our Chicago friends.

 Aden singing Journey.
 Noah crashed.  
I had to carry him around for a while.  
On the way home, Shannon carried Eli.  

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