Sunday, December 9, 2018

Welcome Back to Aruba

Well I fooled you.  I pre-wrote all the posts for last week the week before because last week, we were in Aruba!  We went from Saturday to Saturday and had a fabulous time.  It was my 4th time and Amy's second.  We were worried about traveling with the twins but they were great!  I took almost 1000 pictures so you are going to have to bear with me.  I actually got it down to about 30 a day to share.  This is the first 2 days so it's about 60 pictures so hang on!

On Saturday, December 1st, we had a direct flight out of Philly that left at 8:30.  We got to the airport at 6:30 and barely made the flight!  Checking in and security were horrible.  They were actually calling for us before we got there.  
 We had the bulkhead seats so we were able to spread out and keep the kids busy with activities.  
 There's grandpa!  Actually both grandparents, my sister and our babysitter Shannon were with us.  
 Aden was comfy.
 Ariel was a mess.
It was a long 4 1/2 hour flight but it was so nice to have warmth again.  It was around 85 when we landed.  
 Our room wasn't ready so we went to the pool at the Renaissance Aruba.  
 So nice to swim.
 The boys jumped right in.

 We finally got up to our rooms.  What a view!
 There are two buildings to the hotel.  The rest of the family were at the other one a 5 minute walk away.  There is a marketplace in between with lots of shops and restaurants and a stage with nightly entertainment.  
 Nice sunset over the marina.
 Cool pics!

 We went to the other hotel for dinner at the steak house.  Noah immediately fell asleep.

 I had to take Eli for some walks during dinner.  It was a long day without a nap.
 Cool dessert.
 The lobby and bar are open to the outside.
 Back through the marketplace.
 Ice skating rink!
 There was a bouncy house too.
 Making the sofa bed for the twins.
 Once the kids were asleep, we went to the pool bar to watch some college football.  It's nice having a sitter on vacation!
 Sunday morning, December 2nd.  The boys were up early.  Thankfully the iPads kept them busy so we could sleep in a little.
 Let's go!  It's too nice to be inside!
 Breakfast was outside.
 The hotel is in downtown Oranjestad.  The beach is on their private island a quick boat ride away.  Here we are waiting for the boat.
 On the boat.  The twins were not sure about the whole thing.
 The island has lots of wildlife including my favorite bird the pelican.
 Flamingos running around!
 This playground was new.
 It was in the 80's and sunny.  It's pretty much always in the 80's and sunny.  
 Ariel loved the coral.  
 Our friends from Chicago were there.  They love football so Aden loved them.  He threw that ball all week.

 Shannon and Ariel.
 A platform out in the ocean.
 We found a secret path on the island.  

 This is the life.
 They have food on the beach.

 The pelicans came to hang out.  I love watching them.

 The island is very close to the airport.
 Noah slept every time on the boat.
 Back to the pool at the hotel.  Eli's clothes got wet so he had to wear Aden's shirt.
 Dinner the second night was a fish buffet.

 It was also the first night of Hanukkah.
 We lit a candle in the lobby.
On the way back to the hotel we listened to a great band.

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