Monday, December 10, 2018


It's Monday night.  We are just back from Aden's Winter Concert.  He played clarinet and sang.  It was very nice.  Back to Aruba.  This will be Monday December 3rd and Tuesday December 4th.  We went to a Dutch pancake house to get poffertjes, little Dutch pancakes.  

 We stayed by the pool that day.
 Shannon was a cheerleader and showed the kids some moves!

 Right Eli?

 Eli chased around the lizards.
 They all came out for lunch!
 Noah passed out for a bit.  
 The boys really didn't nap much all week.
 Nice day but time to head out.
 Amy and I had dinner at a place on the water then we went to the pool bar to watch the Eagles game.
 Tuesday morning we had breakfast outside.
 Then we headed for the boat.
 Lizards everywhere.
 The boys bought these cool shark shovels which were able to actually get home!
 Katie helped make volcanoes.
 We found a secret part of the beach.

 Then we found the baby flamingos.  
 Our big girl.
 I actually made a picture!
 Shannon and the little ones.
 Lunch time.
 Back in the ocean.

 Cute pic!
 The iguanas came looking for fruit.

 That's my mom's finger!

 A little more time on the playground.
 Now that's a little too close.
 We took taxis over to Palm Beach for dinner at Gianni's.  My parents love this place.

They heat up a giant wheel of cheese and cook the pasta in it!
 Aden loved his pasta.
 We did a little shopping at the marketplace and then headed back.

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