Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Endless Tracks

Just a quick post.  I would imagine nobody is really looking at this this week anyway.  Today was Christmas.  We went to see Mary Poppins then we had dinner at Ben & Irvs.  Mary Poppins was a sweet movie.  I didn't find much of the music memorable though.  Back to last week.

Speaking of sweet, this was 7 years ago.  
 Just a quick jab at the Cowboys who were shut out the day before.
 Our young Jedi is ready for combat.
 We had to get them more tracks.

 Basketball practice.  There is no basketball till the week after break.  It's a long time to not have practice or games.

The boys were silly that night.

 This was the next day.  Very festive!

It's really nice having Heather back but we will totally miss Shannon.  
 Ariel is getting much stronger at reading.
 I think we got this mask in New Orleans.  
 That night we couldn't find Ariel's baby before she went to bed so she left us this note!  Too funny.

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