Sunday, December 16, 2018

Goodbye Flamingos

This is the rest of Aruba.  Our sitter Shannon made an amazing video about the trip.  It would kind of make sense to put this at the end of the post but I'm afraid it might get lost.  I love it so much, I want it at the top so everyone can see it.  So watch it before or after the pictures, up to you!

Back to Friday the 7th.  The flamingos came over to visit us.  
 Ariel would only get so close.  
 We tried to feed them all different things.

 Flamingo Selfies!

 Aden wanted to get in one last ocean football game.  

 How can we leave this?
 Ariel and the boys went shopping.  She go a shirt and bracelet.
 The boys wanted turtles.  
 So sad leaving the island.  It was such a great week though.
 That night, the boys took our shot glasses so they could go on the party bus!
 Look who we ran in to!

 We ate at a good Cuban place right outside the hotel.
 Eli really wanted to skate but that wasn't happening.
 Time to go back and pack!
 Saturday morning we finished packing then headed to breakfast.  Ariel and Shannon took some selfies.

We had intended to swim but nobody felt like it.  It was for the best as we would have had to carry back wet suits and floaties.
 We did take in the sun and heat.
 You good Eli?
 We went over to the other hotel to wait to go the airport with our families.

 My mom and our friend from the hotel.  

 This airport is crazy.  It's one of about 10 places in the world where you go through the local customs and US customs.  So you start out checking and in and turning in your bags.  Then you go through Aruban customs.  Then you go through airport security.  Then you get your bags back.  Then you go through US customs with all of your luggage.  Then you turn your bags in then go through security again.  That's really hard with 4 kids!  We did have a few minutes to rest before we left.  The one benefit of all of that is, when we land in Philly, we can just leave.  No more customs.  
 We went from the first row in the last flight to the last row in this flight.  
 The boys were really tired and actually sat and watched their iPads most of the time.  Towards the end, Eli had to get up and stretch his legs.  We got back 7 pm and were home around 8.  It was sooooo cold out.  Why did we come back?

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