Thursday, December 20, 2018

Love Her to Pieces

It's Thursday night.  We are supposed to have some crazy thunderstorms tonight.  Hopefully everyone can sleep.  Tomorrow is the last school day for like 10 days!  What are we going to do with these kids?!?!  If anyone wants to take any let us know!  These will finish off last week.  

Ariel is obsessed with her Rubik's Cube.  She's good at getting one side complete.
 Speaking of Ariel, this popped up on Facebook.  Was she really ever that small?!?!
 Our little performer.
 You like what you see Noah?
 Bouncing in the basement.

 Frizz hair!
 They had a dinner at the synagogue for the brotherhood.  There were two sports reporters that spoke to us about the state of Philly sports.  They had some interesting inside info.

 They reversed for the day.  Noah was great at the dentist and Eli just cried the whole time!

 Ariel's teacher sent this note.
 This was posted on the school's Twitter feed.
 Wrestling time.
 We lit the Shabbat candles and said the payers.
 Then we made brownies.

 Yum!  Have a great weekend!

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