Monday, August 10, 2020

Big Beach Day

Well the summer of 2020 just keeps getting better and better.  Ariel broke something in her leg today.  We will know more tomorrow.  And tonight was the first cheer practice.  Oh well.  On a brighter note, Noah is swimming pretty well now!  Back to last Sunday.  We went to the beach.  It was crowded.  

We sat with our friends Julia and Dave and our neighbors.  The boys ran around with Steven all day.  
Ariel and Juliet hung.  

It's great the boys are starting to love the ocean.  
This blog is different now.  I don't know how to work it, so you may have noticed the pictures are bigger and sometimes offset.  Oh well.  

The twins have also discovered boogie boards.  

Be careful in those big waves!
That's Athena jumping in the waves.  
Jelly fish!

I guess we won't be seeing scenes like this for a while.  

The girls did a little shopping at Jamaican Me Crazy.  
Our friends Andy and Alicia came for dinner.  We ordered from Bocca. 

TikToks will be hard with one foot.  

We went to see the sunset.  

That night there was a thunderstorm.  

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