Monday, August 17, 2020

My Poor Grill

It's Monday afternoon.  I almost forgot the Monday post but I was able to sneak it in.  We had our first rainy weekend at the shore the whole summer.  I guess it was nice for a change.  Here are the pics from last Saturday.  This is where you will find the boys at 6am.  
I went for a jog and saw mushrooms.  
Just a little something funny I saw online.  Bernie!
Peanut playing with Moose.  
My poor grill.  I worked on it all day yesterday.  It's still not back together yet.  

Bubbie made chocolate cake!
What is this?
Aden and my dad made a scary house.  
Ariel heading off to Sydney's house.  

We went to the beach with Andy and Alicia who were renting on Nassau.  

At least 1 of my kids will pose.  
The love the boogie board but this is as close as they will get to the water.  

Nice day.
Meanwhile, Ariel was with Sydney on her beach.  
Back to my parents to swim.  
Walking around.  
Aden and mom.  
That night Felice and Howard came for a drink.  
Ariel hung out next door with Eva.  
Rocking out on my guitar.  

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