Tuesday, August 25, 2020

The Drone Met the Tree

These are from last Monday.  The kids were up early.  No sign of Amy or Melissa for a while.  
I was in charge!
Our sweetie sporting her new mask holder that our neighbor Debi made her.  

We went back the same playground for the third time in 3 days!

Kings of the Hill!
We said goodbye to Eva and Gwen and we headed home.  

Jordyn is back at the University of Florida.  She was supposed to be there all summer but was home and around to help us a lot.  We will all miss her.  Good luck in pharmacy school!
We made it home pretty quickly.  I took the boys out to play with the drone.  I can't take pictures of us playing with the drone because I use my phone to control the drone.  This is what the drone sees before it takes off!

So the drone crashed into the tree and lost it’s protective bumpers. 

The boys went to get me a big stick!
We got the pieces! 

Ariel had cheer.
They started learning their competition routine.
That's Juliet on the left!  She just started cheer but she’s on the younger team. She wants Ariel to teach her the cheers. 
The boys came to play.  
Two hours is a long practice.  
I thought this was funny.  

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