Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Hurricane Isaias

It's Tuesday night.  Ariel is in a boot.  The doctor today said it was a minor fracture in the growth plate that should heal quickly.  We are getting a second opinion tomorrow.  I got a drone for the twins and immediately crashed it.  I think that's normal for those things.  I should probably stay away from aircraft.  Ok, let's go back to last Monday and Tuesday.  This was a new one.  It wasn't Eli and Noah in our bed early, it was Eli and Ariel.  
We had to stay till Monday morning at the shore because we were getting our tile backsplash installed and had to sign off on the tile and the design.  
Hood down.  Ready to go.  
He was supposed to start around 8 but didn't until like 11.  
We ate lunch on the steps to stay out of his way.  Then we left.  
Hurricane Isaias was coming the next day.  That day it was supposed to strike Florida.  It didn't.  It totally missed Florida and went ashore in the Carolinas.  This was from a person in Florida.  lol.  
We got home at 3, just in time to make Aden's dentist appointment.  He got his front teeth fixed!  He wouldn't let me take a picture but it came out well.  That night, we had a cheer meeting.  The older girls kept the younger girls busy while the parents talked.  

Ariel was so excited.  

Tuesday the hurricane was coming so we decided not to send the kids to camp.  We were looking at a direct hit!
Here it comes!

That's so crazy.  Where we are and just to the west got the worst of it.  There was a tornado pretty close to here!
I will spare you the video of rain and wind.  

A tornado near Ocean City!

The guy was still working at the shore house. Cutting tile in a hurricane!
We got some pictures of the progress.  
Looking good.  
After the storm passed, Melissa came over.  
Kisses for me.  
We went out to check out the aftermath.  

This poor tree out back lost more branches.  

We baked some cinnamon cake for mommy.

I went for a jog.  Trees down everywhere.  What a mess.  

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