Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Breezy Point Night at Rita's

It's Wednesday night.  I need to take out the trash but there is a beehive that fell out of a tree during the hurricane right where I put the trash cans.  Ariel got stung today!  Amy wants me to take care of it.  Is she crazy?  I think we should just stay in the house until the bees move out.  These are from last Monday and Tuesday.  

This made me think of Noah.  He's very attached to Amy.  

Drop off at camp, with my beautiful windshield.  The reason I snapped this picture is that the car is telling me I have 2 motorcycles and a truck next to me when there was nothing.  
I went to Sam's Club.  Uh oh.  Is it starting again?  No toilet paper or paper towels.
Rachel and her sister came to do some cheerleading after camp.  Eli loves it as much as Ariel!

We moved outside.  

Noah's turn.

Ariel working hard on her flying.
Cool shot.  

We needed to calm down a little so we took out some Legos.  
It was Breezy Point night at Rita's Water Ice.  

Ariel's favorite cousins were there.  
Nice turnout.  The money raised went to charity.  
Hey Honey!

Back home to do so core exercises to build up her strength. 

This was Tuesday.  Madi and her friend came to play with the boys.  
I attempted my first meal with the pressure cooker.  I thought it came out well.  Amy wasn't so sure.  
We did some archeology.  

Then Aden had tennis.  

I stopped at the market.  Even Marty had a mask!

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