Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Our First Flight

We went to the NAC pool tonight for the first time all summer!  The kids had fun.  

These are from last Tuesday and Wednesday.  I dropped off the twins at camp.  It was finally Carnival Day!  it had been postponed twice due to rain. 
Then we took Ariel to the orthopedist.  

Boot time!
Later that day we played with our new drone.  
Aden actually cooked his own dinner!
Dani came to help.  
The cover girl for Orthopedics Today!

Aunt Bev came over to give Ariel a lava lamp to cheer her up.  Of course Eli was totally fascinated.  
Wednesday afternoon, Amy and I worked out with Paul.  

We flew the drone on the driveway a little.  

Then we went to find the neighbors.  
They were at the school.  Pretty sunset!

That's one tough biker gang.  
Back to the lava lamp.  

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