Tuesday, January 12, 2021

1977 Millennium Falcon

Here's a quick post from last Sunday for your Wednesday.  We woke up at the shore after a good night's sleep.  We always sleep well there.  Eli helped me make pancakes.  

Ariel had virtual Hebrew School from her bed.  
Eli got into the decorations again.  They were everywhere!
Amy always has the activities ready to go.  It was too cold and rainy to go outside.  

We packed up and headed home after lunch.  
Goodbye Margate for now.
Back at home we opened the mail.  Someone sent us an Eli!
Robot programming time.  
Amy took down my original 1977 Millennium Falcon for the boys to play with without asking me!  I was in the other room and sensed something was wrong.  
I let them play and little and watched closely.  I started putting it away and Eli said I could leave it out so he could play with it the next day.  No dude.  It went right back to the top shelf!


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