Sunday, January 10, 2021

Margate in January

It's Sunday night.  Ariel starts 4 day weeks tomorrow.  So we will have three out the door most days.  We had a quiet weekend.  It was pretty relaxing or I guess as relaxing as it can be.  These are from the first half of last Saturday.  

Good morning boys!  Ready for a road trip?  First, I took them for haircuts at 7:15 am!  
Then we packed up and headed to the shore for the night.  It's always nice to drive there at an off time when there is no traffic.  An hour and half is very doable.  
It was a nice day.  
We finally made it!  We saw Lambertis is coming along.  
Back to the house!  The kids hadn't been here in months and were excited.  They ran around to check on things for us.  
New haircuts!

The boys found decorations and put flowers on their beds.  
Never enough water. 
The scooter needed to be driven.  
I checked out Amy's parent's house.  
My parent's house.  
Then the beach!
Looked pretty.

The kids were relaxing when I got back.  
So we needed another adventure...


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