Sunday, January 3, 2021

Smoked Chicken Weekend

It's Sunday night and the kids go back to school tomorrow!  Woo hoo!  Yay us!  We are 3 days into the new year and it doesn't feel very different yet.  We had a different weekend though.  We were actually on the beach yesterday.  A cold, windy beach, but still a beach!  Anyway, back to last weekend.

Saturday, I was out early and saw some power lines down.  It had been stormy the day before.  
Future musicians?
Amy finally got me to clean the ceiling fan.  
Ariel and Alex made chocolate milkshakes.  
The snow had finally melted, so I was able to get the smoker back outside.  Chicken time!
Ali and Todd came to try my chicken.  

The kids were crazy.  
I think the chicken was a hit.  

Eli is flying!
Tackle Todd!
Frozen 2.  

This was my toy when I was little.  Nate was enthralled.  

Fun night.  
Sunday morning, we cooked.  

Art time.  
More chicken on the smoker.  Making pulled chicken this time.  
A quiet moment.  Sometimes we have to force separation of the twins for everyone's good.  
My kids do love board games.  
The pulled chicken came out yummy.  Very moist.  

It's really hard to tell but the latest update to my car made the font so tiny.  I can barely see anything on the screen!  Apparently they know about it. We get updates all the time but this never happened before.  


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