Thursday, April 8, 2021

Nice Burger

It's Thursday night.  Amy is out with the girls.  I just got the kids in so it's well deserved quiet time for me!  We have a pretty quiet weekend coming up.  Hopefully I can get my car fixed.  

Last Wednesday, Eli checked out bathtub before school.  
Trying to stretch my hamstrings at the gym.  They are so tight all the time.  
In the bounce house.  

I made some killer burgers for dinner with candied jalapenos and truffled hot sauce among other things.  Yum.  
Some serious drawing before bed.  
Thanks for reading Ariel.  
On Thursday, the kids were off from school.  Sam and Nate came to play even though the guys were still working on the bathroom.  
The big kids on their phones.  

What's with the bounce house?

Aden is growing quickly!
The tub was delivered!  The delivery guys sent this picture.  
On Friday we drove to the shore.  Eli immediately took his favorite spot.  
I went out to see the tub.  Looking good!
It was coooooold!
The guy came to help me set it up.  
It took all day to heat it up.  
Dave stopped by.  
Dairy Bar for dinner!  Man I missed these burgers.  
Back out to check on the tub.  Not hot yet.  
I took the boys to Wal Mart.  That was interesting.  
I then went to pick up Ariel at Juliet's house.  They were busy doing TikToks.  

The spa looked good but still wasn't warm.  
Noah got a huge lego set.  
Juliet slept over.  

These cool girls want you to have a great weekend!


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