Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Warming Up the Grill

Last Wednesday I discovered a new barbecue place.  Why are they so hard to find and so expensive?  A half rack of ribs and 2 sides was over $30!  It was good though.  
Playing outside.  

I grilled for the first time in a while.  There wasn't time to use the smoker.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the chicken.  
Working on an art project.  
Pretty scene on Thursday.  
I have never played tennis with Aden since he started lessons.  Hopefully this summer at the shore.  
Baseball practice!  The twins did really well.  Until that is I texted Amy that they were doing well and 2 minutes later they both lost it!

They used a pitching machine.  Noah tried his best.  
Hit the ball!
Eli had enough after about an hour.  The practices are too long!
Go team!
The painting is coming along.  


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