Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Play Ball!

It's Wednesday night.  My car is having all kinds of issues.  It's kind of amazing, in a bad way, that when you have a problem with your Tesla, there is no one you can call.  You have to make an appointment through the app and wait for them to contact you.  I got tired of waiting so I drove up to Princeton.  They were busy but took a quick look.  A sensor is broken and they can't get the part until Saturday.  Meanwhile I can drive the car but it has no abs, no traction control, so stability control, no emergency braking, no park assist.  So, in another words, it's a bit scary.  Back to last Monday.

The twins started baseball!  They had a practice at the field where Aden used to practice.  
They knew a few of the kids.  
First some stretching.  
Hey Ryan!
There's Noah taking a fake swing and running to first.  
Eli was way out in the field.  
Swing Eli!

They got their uniforms!
Go team!
Eli checked out his bathroom which was almost done.  

On Tuesday, I went to the shore with Dave to be there when my hot tub was delivered.  Dave had a Uhaul truck full of stuff for his new house there.  
We unloaded the truck.

We went to my house but the tub didn't come.  
Back home.  
Good job on the homework Noah.


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