Thursday, April 1, 2021

Truffled Hot Sauce

It's Thursday night.  Man it was cold today.  I figured those warm temps last week might be a tease.  All 4 kids are home tomorrow.  Yay us.  Back to last Friday.  

I met a friend for lunch at Charcoal by the Delaware in Yardley.  What a yummy burger.  
Nice day!
We went to our new neighbor's house to see their pool.  We didn't know the people before so never got to see it before.  
Very nice.  

I got truffle infused hot sauce.  Beautiful packaging.
And it's really good!
Bugs Ariel.  
Moon over our house.  
The kids went up to the school to play.

Then it was tire time.  

We hung with the neighbors a bit.  
Then back to the new neighbor's house to see the pool at night.  

Ariel took over bedtime thankfully.  
Have a great weekend!


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