Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Holland Elementary Orientation

Hope you are all safe out there.  We had tornadoes all around us!  We know people that lost their houses and we are still in the middle of it.  It's the remnants of Hurricane Ida passing by and it's been a crazy night.  

Last Thursday we had open house at school.  
Big crowd!
The principal is such a nice guy.  He gave Ariel a big hug and asked her about camp.  He wrote her such a nice letter to her while she was at camp.  
The boys were excited to check out the school.  
Here is their bulletin board.  

Let's find our desks!
Mrs. Gainsely is the best.  We are so lucky the boys have her.  
Noah is ready.  
Eli not so much.  
Then we went over to Ariel's class.  
She has the same teacher Aden had.  In fact, she's always had the same teachers so far!

Back to the boy's class.  Lina from kindergarten was there.  
They were already getting comfortable in the class.  
There's Jake!  We knew tons of people in the hallways.  

We visited Amber.  

That night, Dani came for her first solo cheer lesson.  She is taking over for her sister Rachel who is now at Penn State.  
Dani is the captain of the Council Rock South Cheer Squad.  She came right from practice and had so much energy!

Where did her get that huge lollipop?  

Dr. Ariel is on the case.  

Eli was the first one to try out our new tub.  
I turned on the bubbles and he jumped out so fast!


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