Sunday, May 1, 2022

Baseball Pictures

It's Sunday night.  It was finally a warm day.  We had a nice weekend.  Last Saturday, the twins had baseball picture day early.  
I usually try and get close and get my own pics but there were really far away behind a rope.  
Then we went to cousin Quinn's first birthday party at Aunt Judy's house.  

What was I wearing?
There's the birthday boy.  

I went home when we had new kitchen chairs delivered.  
Then the twins had a baseball game.  They practiced first.  
This giant dog came to watch.  
He was very sweet.  
Noah up at bat.  
Foul ball!
There's a hit!
Safe at first!
Running around third.  
Go score Noah!
Wow, that dog was big.  
Here comes Eli into third.  

Noah making plays in the field.  
I love the sideways hat.  
After the game, the kids like to run bases.  

Great game boys!
The neighbors had a video game truck for Ben's birthday.  
Aden and big Ben hung out and played.  
That night, all the neighbors got together.  
The twins were a little crazy.  
Fun night.  


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