Sunday, June 26, 2022

1000 Tickets

Ariel left for camp today.  She was so happy to go and we got our first picture and she gave a thumbs up!  I think I will be a little better this year.  I know she's having the best and time and she's in great hands.  

Last Saturday, we woke to the sun again.  What can we do about these windows?
Eli and Steven were out early with their dolls.  
I went for a bike ride with Aden.  
We rode along Longport.  
To the point.  I hadn't ridden my bike down there in ages.  It was nice.  
I came back to Steven in our house.  
I took Ariel for a scooter ride.  We went to Jaime's house and saw Jax the dog.  
This was at the bank.  
Eli likes to talk to big Steve.  
I took the twins to the beach.  Ariel and Amy went to lunch and shopping.  
The day wasn't was nice.  
I forgot a chair.  

Nothing like pizza and fries on the sand.  

Ariel had fun shopping.  
Cooper came to visit.  
Then we went to Ocean City.  
Eli and his Huggy Wuggy.  
It was crowded.  We didn't stop for any food.  

They checked out the candy.  
The kids went on a million rides.  At least, that's how many tickets I went through.  
We had Ashley too.  
Look at their hair.  This was mid swing.  
Eli went on almost everything.  He's usually so nervous.  

Having fun Ariel?

Ashley calls her and Ariel twins because they have the same birthday.  
Even Amy got in on it.  

We even let them play some games.  

That night, Allison came to sit and brought her new puppy.  
We had dinner with Bill and Lori at Johnny's then Amy and I hit Tomatoes and Sofias.  


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