Sunday, June 19, 2022

Ryan and Jake's Party

We just got back from a week at the shore.  That's why I forgot to post a few days last week if anyone noticed that.  We had a nice time culminating in Father's Day today.  So last weekend, we had to stay home because we had my friend Jason's twin son B'nai Mitzvah.  

That morning, Amy, Aden, Ariel and I went to Beth Or.  It was a very nice service.  The boys went back and forth.  
Then they had a luncheon after.  
I took Ariel to get some toiletries for camp at Target.  She loves Target!

We only had a few minutes at home, then Ariel and I went to Dani's graduation party before we went to the b'nai mitzvah party.  We were there really early so there weren't any guests yet but we wanted to at least make an appearance.  

So cute!

Congrats again Dani!
We met Amy and Aden at Spring Mill Country Club for the party.  Shelly, our friend and party planner did all the decorating.  It was great!
My friend Adam was the emcee and kept the kids busy during the cocktail hour.  

The food was good.  
We were told to wear jeans and jerseys.  Heather and Amy looked great.  Ariel is always cute.  

Time to party!
Jake and Ryan had about 50 friends there and they were a nice group of kids.  
It was a good dancing crowd.  Adam kept it going.  
Ariel danced with Adam or the dancers as much as she could.  

Ariel is a great dancer.

Don't know where she got her personality.  

I loved my Sixers shirt and pink shoes.  Ariel made a change from Sixers to Phillies.  
Me with Adam and Jason the proud dad.  
Tastykakes on the way out.  
Such a fun time!


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